Vortex Pillar

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The Vortex Pillar is one of the four bosses that spawn during the Lunar Events that start once the Lunatic Cultist has been defeated.

After all 4 Celestial Towers are defeated, the Moon Lord will spawn.

The Vortex Pillar itself doesn’t do much to attack the player, only occasionally spawning a Giant Magnet sphere sort of attack, similar to the Lunatic Cultist’s one. It spawns ranged-based enemies. After 100 (150 in Expert Mode) of its minions have been slain, the force field around it will dissipate, leaving it open to the player’s attacks.

The Vortex Pillar spawns the following enemies:

  • Vortexian
  • Alien Queen
  • Alien Hornet
  • Alien Larva
  • Storm Diver