Storage is achieved through the use of Storage items like the Chest. Storage is necessary given the amount of items that can be collected. Using a variety of different containers can make a storage area more navigable, as can using decorative items, statues, signs, or renaming the containers. Usually players put similar types of items into the same chest(s). Some players may even wish to integrate their crafting area to provide a sort of structure.

Players may wish to organize their storage items the same way between all worlds so that they don’t have to remember a new pattern for each one.

One feature added, is when you open up a chest there is a quick stack option that will allow all inventory that you carry to be added with likewise inventory of the chest. As of 1.3, if a stack of identical items reaches maximum stack they will now continue to be added to the chest in a separate stack.

Another feature added is that you can rename all chests so you can see it when you hover with your mouse over the chest.

It may be useful to keep associated items in mini-bases near their biomes, e.g. make a base close to the jungle, and store things you would get in the jungle in it. These mini-bases might include useful teleportation rooms, to quickly gain access to the biome from home and to that storage area.