A well planned seed garden will help cultivate the plants used to create a variety of potions. The individual seeds are listed above including soil type, harvest conditions, and special instructions. A good design can be easily expanded as needed.

There are two methods of growing herbs, Pots Farming and Soil Farming. Soil Farming is quicker to set up and harvest. Pots Farming is safer and more versatile for small spaces. Both have equal set up times due to resource gathering if planning large farms. A combination of both is best but requires the most time.

Both methods are viable farming techniques, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Growing plants inside pots or planter boxes makes for precise harvesting, but is very very slow to harvest by comparison even with the fastest pick. Plants on soil can be harvested by simply running through with weapon swinging or use of a dart trap to cut all plants at once. Clay pots have the benefit, when not in use, of being a bait farm. Potted plant farms are not constrained by the 400 active item limit due to items immediately being picked up. With the use of actuators, soil farms can be quickly harvested but items over 400 will disappear beginning with the oldest.

When using Soil Farming, the need for harvesting plants is reduced due to the large supply given per yield. Once you start gathering 50-100+ herbs per harvest, having 2-3 out of the lot not fully grown per harvest is far less of an impact on total. If looking to have many spare consumable potions, Soil Farming is the only known time efficient method of doing so.

When beginning a soil garden, it is possible to harvest individual plants by using seeds. Placing a seed on a bloomed herb will harvest the herb and recover any seeds dropped, leaving a seedling in its place. This is helpful when you are just starting to use soil planting, need a few herbs, but do not yet have a large stash of seeds. If you don’t want to place seeds, you can also equip a campfire and swing it above the plants, but be careful not to place the campfire down. Thus harvesting from soil can be just as accurate as pot farming, but soil farms are still much more vulnerable to accidental harvesting or seedling destruction. (This method of harvesting may only work in single player.) Once they reach the blooming stage, they will continue to bloom under the conditions for that plant until you harvest them. So Daybloom will re-bloom each day, Moonglow each night, Waterleaf each rainfall, Deathweed each Blood Moon.

Space requirements should also be considered, as plants require 2 blocks of vertical clearance using Clay Pots versus 1 block to grow on soil.

To quickly harvest your mushrooms and soil-grown plants, place a dart trap just to the left, on the same level with the plants, and wire a switch to the trap block. When activated, it will instantly uproot all the mushrooms or plants in that row. However, this method does not work on potted plants.

Very tightly packed farms are possible if the player uses actuators. Herbs will not be destroyed if the blocks beneath them are actuated, and still be harvested with the Staff of Regrowth or dart traps.