Buff Potions

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This is a list of potions that grant buffs. Also see Flasks.

  1. Ammo Reservation Potion  Decreases chance to consume ammo by 20% 7 minutes
  2. Archery Potion  Increases arrow speed and damage by 20% lasts 4 minutes
  3. Battle Potion  Increases enemy spawn rate lasts 7 minutes
  4. Builder Potion  Increases placement speed and +1 range lasts 15 minutes
  5. Calming Potion  Decreases enemy spawn rate lasts 5 minutes
  6. Crate Potion  Greater chance of fishing up a crate lasts 3 minutes
  7. Dangersense Potion  Highlights traps lasts 10 minutes
  8. Endurance Potion  Reduces damage taken by 10% lasts 4 minutes
  9. Featherfall Potion  Slows falling speed lasts 5 minutes
  10. Fishing Potion  Increases fishing power by 15 lasts 8 minutes
  11. Flipper Potion  Movement speed won’t be affected by liquids lasts 8 minutes
  12. Gills Potion  Breathe water instead of air lasts 2 minutes
  13. Gravitation Potion  Allows the control of gravity lasts 3 minutes
  14. Heartreach Potion  Increases pickup range for life hearts lasts 8 minutes
  15. Hunter Potion  Highlights enemies lasts 5 minutes
  16. Inferno Potion  Summons a fire barrier around the player 4 minutes
  17. Invisibility Potion  Grants invisibility lasts 2 minutes
  18. Ironskin Potion  Increases Defense by 8 lasts 5 minutes
  19. Lifeforce Potion  Increases max life by 20% lasts 5 minutes
  20. Love Potion  Floating hearts appear around you (Thrown) lasts 30 seconds
  21. Magic Power Potion  Increased magic damage by 20% lasts 2 minutes
  22. Mana Regeneration Potion  Increased mana regeneration lasts 7 minutes
  23. Mining Potion  Increased mining speed by 25% lasts 8 minutes
  24. Night Owl Potion  Increased night vision lasts 4 minutes
  25. Obsidian Skin Potion  Provides immunity to lava, meteorite and hellstone lasts 4 minutes
  26. Rage Potion  Increases critical strike chance by 10% lasts 4 minutes
  27. Regeneration Potion  Provides health regeneration lasts 5 minutes
  28. Shine Potion  Makes the player emit an aura of light lasts 5 minutes
  29. Sonar Potion  Detects hooked fish lasts 4 minutes
  30. Spelunker Potion  Highlights treasures and ores lasts 5 minutes
  31. Stink Potion  Green fumes appear around you (Thrown) lasts 30 seconds
  32. Summoning Potion  +1 Minion capacity lasts 6 minutes
  33. Swiftness Potion  Increases movement speed by 25% lasts 4 minutes
  34. Thorns Potion  Attackers take damage lasts 2 minutes
  35. Titan Potion  Increased knockback lasts 4 minutes
  36. Warmth Potion  Increased defense against cold themed enemies lasts 15 minutes
  37. Water Walking Potion  Allows the player to walk on water and lava lasts 5 minutes
  38. Wrath Potion  Increases damage by 10% with every kind of weapon lasts 4 minutes
  39. Wiesnbräu  Makes the player temporarily immune to damage, but also reduces damage dealt. lasts 30 seconds