Storage is achieved through the use of Storage items like the Chest. Storage is necessary given the amount of items that can be collected. Using a variety of different containers can make a storage area more navigable, as can using decorative items, statues, signs, or renaming the containers. Usually players put similar types of items into the same chest(s). Some players may even wish to integrate their crafting area to provide a sort of structure.

Players may wish to organize their storage items the same way between all worlds so that they don’t have to remember a new pattern for each one.

One feature added, is when you open up a chest there is a quick stack option that will allow all inventory that you carry to be added with likewise inventory of the chest. As of 1.3, if a stack of identical items reaches maximum stack they will now continue to be added to the chest in a separate stack.

Another feature added is that you can rename all chests so you can see it when you hover with your mouse over the chest.

It may be useful to keep associated items in mini-bases near their biomes, e.g. make a base close to the jungle, and store things you would get in the jungle in it. These mini-bases might include useful teleportation rooms, to quickly gain access to the biome from home and to that storage area.


Pre hard mode NPCs

NPC      What they do     What’s required for the NPC

  1. The Guide Provides Tips, Shows Crafting requirements.Is there when you start, will need a house to respawn if killed.
  2. Merchant Sells Utility Supplies.Have 50 Silver Coins saved up. Sells Marshmallows if he lives in Snow Biome
  3. Nurse Provides healing at a cost.Merchant moved in, player has found and used at least 1 Life Crystal to have more than 100 Life.
  4. Demolitionist sells Explosive Materials.Have an Explosive in your inventory and only after Merchant moves in.
  5. Arms Dealer Sells Ammo. Bullets or a Gun in inventory
  6. Dryad Spreading Biome Items, Planters. Beat a boss, just not King Slime. More like Eye/Brain of Cthulu or Eater of Worlds
  7. Dye Trader sell Dye. Items Beat a boss and have a dye item in inventory. On PC, finding a Strange Plant will do.
  8. Painter sells Paint/Tools .Have 8 other NPCs in Town
  9. Angler Gives Fishing Quests.PC Only. Found near Ocean Biome on either side of the world.
  10. Stylist Sells Hair Dyes, can change style.PC Only. Find and free her from a Spider Nest Underground.
  11. Goblin Tinker sells Reforge Items, Sells Tinkerer’s Workshop and some gadgets.Defeating Goblin Army,
    Have 200 Health (used 5 Heart Crystals),Smashed at least one Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart (depending if you have Corruption/Crimson in your world)
  12. Witch Doctor Sells Imbuing Station (for Flasks) and Summoner items. (later in hard-mode)Defeat Queen Bee. Move him in a Jungle Biome to buy Leaf Wings.
  13. Clothier Sells vanity items.Kill Skeletron. He’s the old man with the curse.
  14. Mechanic Sells wires and wrenches to place them and other mechanisms.Find her in the Dungeon after beating Skeletron.
  15. Party Girl Sells confetti, fireworks and visual items like that.After 14 NPCs live in your world, she may Spawn.

 Hard Mode NPCs

NPC      What they do     What’s required for the NPC

  1. Truffle Sells mushroom items and the autohammer to make Shroomite.Use Mushroom Grass Seeds to make an above-ground Mushroom Biome and build a house there.
  2. Wizard Sells Crystal Ball, magical items and materials.Found in the Cavern Layer once in Hard Mode.
  3. Steampunker Clentaminator (change Biomes), Jet Pack, and crafting for Asphalt Roads.Defeat one of the Mechanical Bosses.
  4. Pirate Sells Pirate stuff…   Destroy one Altar with the Pwnhammer and defeat a Pirate Invasion, which has a small chance of happening each day or summon one with a Pirate Map found from creatures in the Ocean Biome.
  5. Tax Collector PC only.Earns passive money based on how many NPCs live in town.Use Purification Powder sold by the Dryad on a Tortured Soul in the Underworld.
  6. Cyborg Sells gadgets and rockets.Moves in after Plantera is defeated.
  7. Santa Claus Sells Santa cosmetics and Christmas decoration.Moves in from Dec. 15-31. You can change your device’s clock to con the game into loading him.

Crafting Stations

There are also specialized crafting stations to make different types of items out of specific materials. These include:

A Blend-O-Matic
A Meat Grinder
A Crystal Ball
A Dye Vat
A Bone Welder
A Glass Kiln
A Honey Dispenser
A Ice Machine
A Living Loom
A Sky Mill
A Solidifier
A Steampunk Boiler
A Flesh Cloning Vat
A Lihzahrd Furnace

Note that putting all crafting stations together has the downside of forcing the player to scroll through every potential crafting option to find the one that they need. Arranging the stations in a logical manner around your home may end up being more convenient.