Terraria rules! Build a house!

Then you see “This is not valid housing.”

That means is The room does not meet one or more of the following requirements:
Walls, Minimum Size, Background Walls, Light source,
If the corruption is at fault, usually it is only a small amount and it may be too far away to be seen on the same screen as the room.To check whether a house is suitable for use, click on the “?

A house must be fully enclosed:

The side walls (vertical blocks) can be made of blocks, Doors, Platforms or Tall Gates.
The floor and ceiling (horizontal blocks) can be made of blocks, Trap Doors or Platforms. The whole floor cannot be made of platforms.
The NPC needs at least two solid (non-platform) blocks to stand on at night. These blocks may not be directly adjacent to either of the 2 side walls of the house.


A house must have at least one entrance, which can be a Door or Tall Gate in a side wall, a Trap Door in the ceiling or floor, a Platform in the ceiling, floor, or side walls.

Light Source:

Torch,Mushroom Lantern,Lantern,Tiki Torch,Chandelier,Candle, Fireplace,Skull Lantern,Chinese Lantern,Candelabra,Jack ‘O Lantern,Dynasty Lamp.Christmas lights,Heart Lantern,Star in a Bottle and more.



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